IELTS Listening Practice Test 6

IELTS Listening Practice Test 6

Section 3

Questions 21-23

Braille – a system of writing for the blind

Louis Braille was blinded as a child in his 21 __________
Braille invented the writing system in the year 22 __________
An early writing system for the blind used embossed letters.
A military system using dots was called 23 __________

Questions 24-27

Choose the correct answer A-C.

24. Which diagram shows the Braille positions?


25. What can the combined dots represent?
A both letters and words
B only individual words
C only letters of the alphabet

26. When was the Braille system officially adopted?
A as soon as it was invented
B two years after it was invented
C after Louis Braille had died

27. What is unusual about the way Braille is written?
A It can only be written using a machine.
B The texts have to be read backwards.
C Handwritten Braille is created in reverse.

Questions 28-30

List THREE subjects that also use a Braille code.
Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD for each answer.

28 __________
29 __________
30 __________


Questions 31-35

Complete the notes using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Question: Can babies remember any 31 __________

Experiment with babies

baby in cot
colourful mobile
some 32 __________
Re-introduce mobile between one and 33 __________ later.

Table showing memory test results

Baby’s ageMaximum memory span
2 months2 days
3 months34 __________
21 monthsseveral weeks
2 years35 __________ 
Questions 36-40

Research questions: Is memory linked to 36 __________ development?
Can babies 37 __________ their memories?


Experiment with older children

Stages in incident:

a. lecture taking place
b. object falls over
c. 38 __________

Age% remembered next day% remembered after 5 months
Adults70%39 __________
9-year-olds70%Less than 60%
6-year-oldsJust under 70%40 __________

Answer Keys

1. B21. father’s workshop
2. A22. 1824
3. B23. night writing
4. C24. B
5. Hagerty25. A
6. ricky4526. C
7. 29(th) February27. C
8. business28. mathematics/maths
9. conversation/to communicate29. science
10. (at) school30. music
11. loyal31. (particular) events
12. statue32. string
13. (possibly) count33. 14 days
14. gentle (nature)34. (a) fortnight/2 weeks/two weeks
15. donations/donors35. six months
16. search and rescue36. language
17. (international) database37. retrieve/recall/recover
18. love their food/love food/love eating38. (an) argument
19. 80 people39. 70%
20. in a team40. 40%
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